Kos Design

Image Gallery, Cosmin Planchon 3D Designer

Samples of various Productions and Artwork illustrating my 3D Computer Graphics Design skills.
Projects intended for professional use or artistic purpose, all my images are genuine creations.

Workspace and various objects

A rubikube to wait during rendering times, and of course the Coffee mug, here is the quintessence of the 3D Graphic Designer workdesk.
The textures and references were literally in front of me. Hard to avoid the Moiré on the front of the PC case but the flaw adds up to the overall realism of the image.

A Growing Dragon

He observes quietly the world around him before making his move...
I modelled the Dragon from a cube primitive inspired by a role playing board game creature and improve his features regularly with sculpting and retopology sessions.

Turntables set and Mixing console

Kevlar-made speakers were most needed for this overpowered DJ Set.
The Mechanics of the articulations required some serious technical drawing but provides a great result when used with Physical-based shaders.

Indoor Scene, Classic Art Deco

Created from various references and personal inspiration. After modeling the objects, I was experimenting with the light diffusion depending on the Sun angle to recreate the style of a Art Deco catalog.

The Stars as source of inspiration

My vocation as 3D Graphic Designer has been partially influenced by my interest in Science-fiction.
Space allows a great freedom of choice in colors and shapes. By optimizing the lighting, the dark background improves the contrast to create the mood of the scene.

Demo Reel Cosmin Planchon from Cosmin Planchon on Vimeo.

Design Services
for professionals

Product advertizing:

Example of advertising leaflet intended for the Shops and official dealers of Atrax Helmets, protection gear for bikes, ordered by the distributor. The images had to be made before getting the prototypes in hand, the helmets pictures were recolorized by photo editing to reflect the color range of the final product.

Deco stickers for bikes

Here-by an example of Deco stickers for Gunshot dirt-bikes created for the their new bike and accessories product line.
Build on a massive aluminium CNC frame, the dirt bike seems to be ready for all situations.

In Bass We trust #6
Flyer for electro-music party:

Example of flyer made for a decent rave party featuring Elisa Do Brasil, Mc Amen, DJ Blender , DJ Beatshaker, DJ Ben & DJ Dud

A massive Set of Drum & Bass music for a unforgettable night in the Center of France.

Online portals & Web Design

Website of Gunshot bikes:

First version of the website featuring the Gunshot bikes product line. The dirt bikes photoshots were taken in the warehouse and post-treated to be used in the website, with the coordination and approval of the owner.
( The website had since evolved with new versions and updates maintained by other developers )

Technologies employed:
  • Flash / ActionScript AS2
  • Html, Javascript & Css
  • Photo & 3D

Website of Paris Web TV: (offline)

Creation and maintenance of the online portal broadcasting home-made videos covering cultural events in Paris. Featuring local celebrities such as Danièle Gilbert, Macha Béranger, Frigide Barjot, Philippe Manoeuvre... Streaming live feed all the evenings and a looped playlist during the day, working on this project was quite an adventure. (currently offline)

Technologies employed:
  • Video Archive & Streaming Live
  • Php & Mysql / Custom Joomla
  • Video & Photography
  • Html & Css

Website of La Bouquinière B&B (offline)

Presentation website of La Bouquinière, Bed and breakfast in the north of France. Pictures of the website and were available as well as a localised version.

Technologies employed:
  • Html & Css
  • Photography
  • Translation EN/FR