Who is Kos Design ?

Cosmin Planchon
3D Computer Graphic Designer

Digital Artist, image creation expert, I use my experience in 3D Graphic Designer to bring you the images, 3D models, assets and graphic support that you need.

Kos Design:
Versatile and Flexible
My experience at your service.

You can count on my mastering of the digital creation tools to get the best result. Cosmin Planchon, 3D Graphic Designer, Web, Print and mobile devices, helps you to concretize your projets.

Kos Design: The professional you need.
Cosmin Planchon, 3D Designer

Working on images is my specialty. I propose customized services with complementary support during the whole project lifecycle.

Integration to your Production Pipeline.
Cosmin Planchon, 3D Designer at your service

Being very familiar with most of the Graphic Design softwares ( with a large preference for Blender 3D ), I can produce and deliver complete project or join an existing team during any Production phase.

My toolbox is mostly made of softwares such as Blender, The Gimp et Inkscape, originating from Linux while being plateform-agnostic and able to export in the usual Computer Graphics Industry file formats, Photoshop Illustrator et PDF compatible.
I usually work remotely and can relocate to a different region when applicable.

Animation Demo Reel Cosmin Planchon from Kos-Design.

Product visualization

Pack shots compositions, using the provided product or creating the 3D model, I can produce Professional Packs Shots to present your products. Photo-Realistic 3D renders, simple images or animated clips.

Graphical content and Asset creation

3D Models , assets and content for your Graphical User Interface , Web Frontend or Mobile App.
Modern Applications require a large number of attractive assets that should remain optimized and compatible with the widest range of Devices and Audience.
I can provide object optimization and mesh retopology services, images and low-polygon objects ready to use in your projects, animation, video game Mobile and/or Online Apps.

Shading and 3D Texturing:

Shaders and material creation, UV unwrapping, Normal maps transfers, procedural textures creation. I can assist you with the Materials of your 3D scene and 3D models Shading/Texturing.

Animated clips and Video Editing

Video Animation for your marketing campaigns or Corporate meetings, Tutorials and introduction clips. Advertising Video creation and editing, according to the style, render and format required.

Virtual Reality / VR

The new 3D VR Gearsets and platforms require specific types of environments and objects intended for a full 360 field of view in order to achieve a great immersion. My 3D Design and modelisation skills can help you to create a great user experience in your Virtual Reality Projects.

3D Printing, Design, scaled models and prototypes

The 3D Models meant to be sent to a 3D Printer need to be compliant with the technical constraints inherent to the type of material and printing process used to cast the object. Cosmin Planchon, 3D Graphic Designer, can help you with the conversion and preparation of your models for the 3D Printing Stage.

3D Rendering of plans and Blueprints

Blueprints and schemes may contain a lot of information. A Volume visualization brings more clarity to a project or presentation. Cosmin Planchon 3D Graphic Designer can bring Volume to your 2D Blueprints and Schemes.